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Our designs are focused on fulfilling your site's business and user goals with a strong emphasis on clarity, usability and accessibility (a legal requirement in many countries). Our websites are built to be web-standards compliant, fast-loading and accessible to the every-increasing range, and popularity of, mobile web-enabled devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

Web Design Services

We strive to design sites which are attractive and eye-catching, whilst always keeping a firm focus on the equally important aspects of usability and accessibility. We aim to make the purpose and function of your website clear right from the start, as well as presenting a thoroughly professional image to your visitors.

Responsive Web Design - our approach since 2012

'Responsive web design' - a phrase first coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 - is fast becoming the paradigm of choice for the future of website design. The explosive take-up of web-enabled mobile devices means that simply designing a website that looks good only on a desktop computer will result in a poor experience for increasing numbers of internet users. When such websites are viewed on mobile devices, you either have to shrink the display so the text becomes unreadable, or zoom in and then have to endlessly scroll left and right to view all the content.

A responsive website design automatically changes and morphs so that it always displays your content perfectly within the (sometimes very) narrow widths of any mobile device: no more scrolling left and right, and no more zooming in and out! The design is also 'device agnostic', meaning that it will work on any web-enabled device, from traditional desktop to the latest smart phone, both now and in the future.

Some responsive web design references follows:

Web Development Services

Web development is concerned with website functionality, such as processing online forms and web database applications; these applications might include guest books, web logs (often known as Blogs), message boards, content management systems and e-commerce systems. Whatever your requirements, PSLWeb can create bespoke solutions tailored to your precise needs.

Whether you are creating a brand new site or wish simply to revamp your existing site, we can create the design and functionality to meet your needs.

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“Website design and Development”

PSLWeb Standards:

Our sites typically meet the following specifications*:

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