Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most visits to a website occur as the result of the visitor finding the site through a search engine, e.g. Google. PSLWeb designs websites to be search engine friendly as well as friendly to your website visitors. We will optimize your site and submit it to the leading search engines and directories as part of our standard service. PSLWeb adheres to webmaster guidelines as published by search engines such as Google.

Search Engine Optimization myths

Despite what many in the SEO business would have you believe, there are no real secrets to achieving good rankings in search engines, and definitely no short-cuts. Getting good rankings in Google, for example, depends principally on two things: good-quality, keyword-rich content, and relevant back-links to your website. Depending on the particular search engine, other factors which contribute towards rankings are:

  • Properly written page titles and META tags;
  • Text used in inbound links;
  • Relevancy of inbound links;
  • Page rank of inbound link website;
  • Search engine friendly pages;
  • Correctly coded web pages;
  • Keywords in domain name;
  • Age of website.

“I've been promised a number one ranking on Google”

No-one can guarantee a ranking on Google and there are no 'special relationships' with Google with respect to organic search engine ranking. As Google say themselves (“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”). When an SEO company 'guarantees' such things, it's usually for keywords like your company name (perhaps with your location as well), which, being unique, will usually result in a number one ranking anyway. For a fuller discussion of this interesting topic by Google, please click on the link above.

PSLWeb and SEO

PSLWeb does not make false promises with regards to search engine ranking, but concentrates instead on following Google's webmaster guidelines, making sure your website is properly coded and contains keyword-rich, valid content. We also encourage our clients to build quality back-links (especially from social media websites) on an on-going basis (although of course we can also provide this service for you). These cover the essentials of search engine optimization.

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“Achieve good rankings”

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