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PSLWeb maintains nearly all of its clients' websites and is always prepared (where possible) to take on maintenance of other sites, whether on an on-going or ad-hoc basis. Whether you are looking for a small update, adding a few extra pages or a complete revamp of your existing website, contact PSLWeb today.

How much are you paying for your website maintenance?

Sadly, far too many website owners are paying excessive prices, either through a fixed-rate monthly charge (sometimes called a 'service' charge), or through an eye-watering hourly rate (some charges, reported to us by concerned website owners, can only be described as daylight robbery). In comparison, PSLWeb clients' website maintenance costs averaged just £35 last year. Make today the day you start saving your hard-earned money - switch to PSLWeb.

A dog's dinner of a website?

Some websites are so poorly designed and written that maintaining them becomes a real burden, resulting in on-going high maintenance costs. For example, we were recently asked to look at one website which, if you simply added more text to the home page, actually broke the design completely! In such desperate cases PSLWeb may recommend a complete re-coding and/or re-design. As always, we will explain the options and costs to you, leaving you to make an informed decision.

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“Website Maintenance”

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