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Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to manage the content of one or more website pages via their web browser. Little or no technical knowledge is required and there are no programming or mark-up languages to learn. For clients with rapidly changing content (e.g. blogs, news pages, events calendar, prices etc.), content management can provide the solution. In addition, since the website content is managed by the client, on-going maintenance costs are reduced.

CMS Solutions

If you need to change the content of your website frequently, or have a large website with plenty of content to manage (perhaps with multiple editors), then some form of CMS is usually required. PSLWeb can implement a solution to meet your requirements: from a dedicated full-featured CMS, through to custom-made solutions and applications.

Introducing Jomatu

Most clients simply want to be able to change their website's content without the inconvenience of having to learn how to use a complex CMS. And from our perspective, creating a database and uploading 3,500+ CMS files simply to maintain a five-page website, seems ridiculous. We felt a new solution was needed, so we invented one! It's called Jomatu, and it's a system to allow website owners to maintain the content of their websites without requiring any coding, technical knowledge or having to install anything. It's also completely independent, so your website functions perfectly, and can be maintained, outside of Jomatu. For more information visit the Jomatu content management system website.

Direct access to your website

Those who have experience and technical knowledge of coding HTML (and are comfortable with coding style sheets), can access their website directly via FTP and use custom software to maintain their own website. This is obviously the cheapest solution of all, although you do of course become responsible for your own changes.

Do you need a CMS?

Many websites need little maintenance and simply do not need the added complexity of a CMS (which requires a back-end database, complex server-side technology, adds considerably to the number of files on the web server and often generate poor or insecure code). In addition, most CMS (except Jomatu) become integral to your website - i.e. your website won't function outside of the CMS - and require considerable training and experience to use properly. Many clients simply don't have the time or commitment to master the complexities of a CMS, preferring PSLWeb to maintain their websites for them; a service we are always happy to offer. For more information, see our maintenance service page.

Ultimately, the best solution depends on a great many factors. Contact PSLWeb today to discuss your content management requirements.

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